Over the past 10 years in the field of uniform garment, NHA BE GARMENT COMPANY has affirmed the prestige and quality in the market, creating successful brand in the uniform garment industry in Vietnam.
Garment is proud to be a supplier of uniforms for many large enterprises such as Viettel, FPT, ASUS, Honda, BMW, SONY, SAMSUNG ...

Garment Factory

With a staff of nearly 200 workers, Nha Be Garment Company is considered as one of the large enterprises in the garment industry, gaining the trust of customers in foreign.

Garment has invested billions of VND in modern production lines to increase the production capacity of more than 100,000 uniforms per year. Meet the demand of supplying companies, factories, factories or schools.

- 50 electronic sewing machines can adjust the length and width of the nose, the operation is automatic, faster and more convenient.

- Use 30 heavy-duty overlock machines that are suitable for a variety of different thicknesses and fabrics, which can be used to produce short, snug-fitting noses.

Or other modern machinery and equipment such as: apron machine, buttonhole machine or other specialized machines.

Electronic sewing machine

Embroidery Machine

In order to meet the increasing demand for quality products and services as well as to expand the market, we have continuously improved our management capacity, production lines, workshops and skilled workers. quality management system ISO, ... to produce products that meet the standards of quality as well as satisfaction for customers.